My name is Osa,

I’m exigted to have you reveal how to manifest your desires.
I found about the Law of Attraction a few years ago with a A considerable scale of scepticism, never the less I was curious enough to give it a chance. This turned out to be a gift which has provided me with greater mind clarity, opening new opportunities in my personal crossroads, adding abundance I’m grateful for in so many ways!

This has drawn me to go deeper and deeper into the renewing science and methods evolving The law of attraction constantly growing domain.

My personal story is not very dramatic thankfully! I was born to a loving family in a normative surrounding. like many I  went to the university and got a well earning job and build a loving family.

A side from the normal frame story, there was always a non sycronised feeling in my life. Being a person with ADHD, who was growing up at a  time where not much was known about this  phenomena,  different individual behaviors out of my choice, were preserved in my surrounding as worthy of contempt! making a long story short, It appeared that I was establishing the core belief believing I am not a person worthy to be loved, that I will never be able To manage on my own (and there was hole case of crap I was carrying with me for many years).

All my life  I was angry and disappointed with myself, not knowing why I tend to make such destructive choices when it comes to my self. I felt dysfunctional and  unhappy although I had many reasons to be happy about.

After a long development process, going to therapists from different disciplines from psychology to New Age therapy,  reading positive thinking books and learning different health and wellbeing practice, from spiritual retreats, Yemima and much more.  I realized that while gaining grate empowering knowledge, I still felt stuck. knowing about the problem working with it, was a great progress but for me it wasn’t enough. I still felt dysfunctional, unsycronised -sad.
Finding the Law of attraction with the empowering methods from teachers like Heather Mathews, john assaraf, bob doyle, Anthony Robbins and more has brought me the missing ingredient I was looking for. I felt my desires finely appear in action. this is what I was looking for and for that I am so very grateful… I learned so much different wonderful qualities from each teacher and I wish to share it with the world with a big loud gratitude!!!

Manifestation Resource makes It easy for people to find high quality content, About The Law of Attraction constantly growing Domain. organized and accessible to everyone.
You are invited to to join us and walk the walk and Enjoy the Better version of You .

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